Sir Ludovic Kennedy


HEROES: Sir Ludovic Kennedy (1919-Oct 2009)

Writer and broadcaster Ludovic Kennedy dedicated his illustrious investigative career to exposing miscarriages of justice with notable success. As a result of a long campaign (Kennedy contended that Timothy Evans was innocent of the child murder at 10 Rillington Place) Evans was posthumously pardoned. The scandal helped in the abolition of the death penalty in the UK. Other cases he studied reversed the ‘guilty’ verdict of Derek Bentley and the Birmingham  Six.

’10 Rillington Place.’
‘All In The Mind – A Farewell To God.’

2 Responses to “Sir Ludovic Kennedy”

  1. Ben Fowler Says:

    I only just read about his death in some obscure Catalan Sunday paper this weekend and was genuinely saddened – but also happy to know that he actually made such good use of his life – lived it to the full and actually did make a difference. And his passion for our shared native country – my beloved Scotland ALWAYS endeared me to him.

    Bye Ludo – you made a mark that won´t be erased neither easily nor quickly.

  2. Andie Airfix Says:

    Hi Ben,
    Heartening to feel such a good man is appreciated for the remarkable things he did and the number of people he freed from criminal injustice. &ie

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