To the genius Def Leppard Fans …


Wow – the response from DL fan clubs UK and US has been fantastic – and we haven’t started yet!

14. DEF LEPPARD – Part One  – up tomorrow 19th. You won’t be disappointed. It’s half-written and I am constantly reminded of why those boys were amazing to work with – and how receptive they were to abandoning the tired rock’nroll visual cliches that littered rock albums in the early 80’s. Respect. 

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One Response to “To the genius Def Leppard Fans …”

  1. john inman Says:

    Hey Andie –
    I must echo what others have said here. Your art went a LONG way in drawing me in to the Def leppard image as well as sounds. I can’t even tell you how much $$$ I’ve spent over the years on your DL artwork, between all the t-shirts, posters, patches, stickers, etc. U name it…I’ve probab;y bought it multiple times. I think I’ve bought nearly everything I could find for sale the had the ‘Pyromania’ art in particular. Yes sir…the art has certainly been as important to my fiber as the band as the band and their music has Andie. THANK YOU!

    John Inman
    Dallas, Tx.

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