Coming Next – MACCA & MICKEY


As we finish DEF LEPPARD this week (Fans’ Competition Results to be published as a separate blog next week) we move swiftly on to two very different projects – my first meeting with PAUL McCARTNEY in 1989 who confirmed my belief in total honesty in tricky situations …

… and an invitation to meet MICKEY MOUSE in LA which confirmed my belief that Planet Disney was as bizarre and surreal as I imagined (and hoped) it would be – stories to make your toes curl, your jaw drop and to ignite your warped sense of humour … here’s a taster – arriving in LA! 

It started, I guess, how we meant to carry on. I needed help for a sojourn in LA – working with one of the biggest corporations in the world. Facing a galaxy of top executives in the Disney boardroom on the Top Floor of the ‘Team Disney’ Tower was somewhat daunting and potentially intimidating – so I took a great friend and colleague to help and advise throughout the challenging project. Danie Brant was someone with a wicked sense of humour and a fierce intelligence. We arrived at LAX airport in the early hours of the morning, somewhat the worse for wear it has to be said. A particularly huge customs officer spotted our erratic behaviour and honed in on us immediately. ‘Got any drugs with you?‘ he sneered, taking off his Ray Ban’s and searching deep into our eyes. ‘Oh, I’m sorry,‘ said Danie. ‘If I’d known you were short – I’d have brought some with me.

Here we go,’ I thought …

… ‘Bring on THE MOUSE.’

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