Finally, and thank you all for your patience, the results of the FANS  STORIES COMPETITION will be posted on …


Having narrowed the entries down to 20, tonight the judges will choose the final 3 ‘FAN’TASTICO’s who will win Editions of their choice – those who moved us, astonished us and made us laugh. You’ll be pleased to know the Judges (Ricky, Max, Rewa and myself) have been beacons of sobriety all week and been in training now for over a week in preparation. (Special Training Award goes to Max who managed to fall UP the stairs during training last Saturday.) Apart from the winning entries to be publshed on Friday, other Fans’ stories will be published at the end of the last (for now!) DEF LEPPARD blog on ‘Euphoria‘ next week . There have been some real insights into what makes music (and our heroes and heroines) such an important part of who we are. Thanks to everyone for taking the time to tell your stories – it’s been brilliant to read them all.

See you Friday, &ie

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