Random post … Tuesday 9th March

Well, very good news on two related fronts which is exciting. The first – that vinyl is making a serious comeback  …

and secondly – so are FUZZBOX. Working with them in the Eighties was a joy – mad, challenging, original, hilarious and inspiring. The original artwork for the sleeve ‘Bostin’ Steve Austin’ was completed, literally, by dozens of people. I planned the colour sections in ‘Painting By Numbers’ style and transferred the image onto a 3-foot canvas. Anyone who appeared in or near the studio was given a paintbrush, asked to choose a number, handed a pot of colour and told to fill in the corresponding numbered section of the design. Cleaners, bikers, couriers, an occasional bank manager, salesman, telephone engineers, passing pedestrians, well-known musicians, friends and random visitors all willingly contributed. It still took over a month to complete. It’s one of my all-time favourite sleeves. Here’s a section of the original planning sketch …


and here’s the new FUZZBOX logo I’ve just completed …

and from 1986 …

In the groove …

In 2009 – 2,800,000 vinyls albums were sold in the US.
In 2009 – the UK sales of vinyl increased by 5.2 per cent.
In 2009 – CD sales dropped by 20 per cent.
In 2010 – some indie labels are axing CD’s completely to release 7″ & 12″ vinyl and downloads only.
In 1979 – UK singles sales hit 89,000,000. Twenty years later they were below 180,000.


  1. Lee Says:

    Wow! Bostin’ Steve Austin is a fine album, and the cover art is just fantastic. In my teens, I worshipped Fuzzbox, and seeing them live for the first time last week in Glasgow was literally a dream come true – I nearly died of excitement.

    Thanks for your contributions to their career! Why, oh why has it taken them twenty years to reform?!? They were brilliant.

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