‘MALCOLM McLAREN – The Lovable Anarchist’


Malcolm Robert Andrew McLaren 
(22 January 1946 – 8 April 2010)

I’ve mentioned before that Danie Brant and I had a gallery in London’s West End for a while. One of our best shows was called ‘PORN AGAIN‘ and featured Ben Westwood‘s provocative fetishist photography. Ben’s mother, Vivienne, is of course, linked with Malcolm McLaren as the Founding Parents of Punk.

Malcolm came to the gallery to offer support for Ben and his exhibition. I have to say, meeting him was an unforgettable experience. His hypnotic child-like exuberance, which shone like a firestorm, was inspirational. His views on art, the media, promotion and the emerging virtual phenomena were thought-provoking, mischievous and dazzlingly original. 

 There was far more to Malcolm McLaren than his role as ‘The Godfather of Punk’. His positive anarchic views were a serious contribution to society as a whole; his energy was an infectious whirlwind which made one re-assess tired and out-dated values and his longevity as an entrepeneur is testament to his extraordinarily diverse talents and responsibilities.

God Save Malcolm McClaren

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  1. Anna Mathews Says:

    Hi Andie,
    I had mailed you on your satorigraphic id (on May 2), but don’t know if you received that. I am writing because I wondered if you could give me a little note on Subi, the Coconut Lagoon general manager. I hope you are able to see the mail and can send me a couple of lines.
    Thank you.

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