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May 31, 2010

Satori-On-Sea. It has a certain ring to it doesn’t it?

Well, in 10 days time that’s exactly where SATORI will be relocated – in the wonderfully eccentric and vibrant city of BRIGHTON on England’s South Coast.

It’s not far – a high-speed train from London takes 45 minutes and there you are – with the iconic Brighton Pier and Royal Pavilion, amongst the coolest art scene in Britain, surrounded by the youthful exhuberance of a vast student population and, probably most importantly, next to the Ocean. 

Packing nearly 30 years of artwork, reference books, paintings, paperwork and numerous ‘why the hell did I save That?‘ items into boxes took over two weeks. Will I ever find anything I need ever again? ‘Course I will – in theory anyway.

The veritable skyscrapers of books, boxes and artboards (catalogued over the last six months – yes SIX MONTHS!) were loaded into a van the size of an African elephant and, courtesy of Danny – lead singer of THE PERILS, was driven to Brighton last Thursday evening. Guided by a glorious full moon, the entire contents of the studio headed south towards new and expanding horizons (literally). There was a problem though – no matter how loudly we played music it was drowned out by the truck’s alarm system that relentlessly warned us we were ‘OVERLOADED‘. ‘How can we be overloaded?’ we said. ‘It’s a truck the size of an elephant!’ The alarm system ignored us and by the time we hit the coast, despite our exasperated and increasingly angry cries of’ ‘SHUT THE FUCK UP!’, it continued to remind us we were weight-challenged and Bad Boys for ignoring its belligerent insistence we do something to alleviate the problem. It responded with staggering indifference to our threats of blowing the Fucker up or driving it off the end of Brighton Pier after we’d unloaded. Bastard!

We did finally arrive and parked said elephant in Jo’s driveway. SATORI-ON-SEA languished safely overnight, guarded by a missile-launcher and a SWAT team headed by Jack Bauer, until  the following morning when  it was transported to a storage unit until its inaugaration into a new home in a couple of weeks.


Meanwhile … the MOUSE is somewhat pissed off …

It hasn’t, as it expected, been centre-stage on the blog for a while in ‘THE MOUSE – Part Two‘. (There’s no pleasing some Mice.) I have however diffused its over-the-top tantrums by promising to satisfy its insatiable ego by publishing ‘Part Two’ in the next week. In its Divine Disney Innocence of course – I imagine it believes its blog to be all-smiling and reverential …

… Think again MOUSE.


Exhibition p’ART’y (Extended Version)

May 23, 2010

Well, what a few days that was?!

… so many people I’ve not seen for years, surprise visitors, friends, family and of course the Randoms that always make these things special occasions. Loads of Def Lepp fans were delighted by what they could take home with them. 

Because so many people were out of town this weekend (we had some sun at last) I had many requests to extend the exhibition … so there are now three more days of fun … with



exhibition pics  … and map at end of post



May 8, 2010

Exhibition update …

A call from Craig in Cleveland Ohio has produced a great opportunity for all those DEF LEPPARD fans who wanted to see the original artwork that appeared on my blog …


At Cleveland’s ‘Rock and Roll Hall of Fame‘ I have been invited to show original artworks in the DEF LEPPARD section of a wide-ranging exhibition showcasing rock bands of the 70’s and 80’s. It will also, hopefully, include work I’ve done for METALLICA, GUNS’N’ROSES, MOTLEY CRUE and AC/DC. It’s an exciting project to be involved in – the exhibition is due to open in December 2010 and run to 2012. Will keep you all posted as things develop. Funny how things happen sometimes.

Secondly …

If you want some additional inside information on the design of  ‘PYROMANIA’ – check out the interview I had recently with INSIDE HEAVY. Click on image below …


That’s all for now …  NEXT UP …

24. THE MOUSE – Part Two … ‘Cartoon Friends and Enemies’

Attempts to get the Hollywood Bowl to change its corporate rules … an accidental meeting with Mickey provokes Disney outrage … a critical photoshoot is devastatingly compromised and we fight past bodyguards and heavy security to reach Michael Eisner – the Disney President.