25. WE’RE BACK!!!!



Well – it’s been quite a few months. Moving to Brighton has proved to be astonishingly creative. Within days of being here I found myself involved in two major projects which, unfortunately has taken me away from the blog, due to excessive demands on my time. Destined for a wall in a Jimi Hendrix suite in London’s West End … part of the first project looks something like this … 

and this …

 Much more on Hendrix project next week …

… and the other involves a band I have worked with many times before. Here’s a clue ….

Next week all will be revealed. All I have to do (hopefully) is use the one remaining brain cell I have left to seek out its compatriots and soul-mates that have  gone missing, are on the edge of a nervous breakdown or have quite simply abandoned ship.

Trust me – I’ll get them back and some great new stories will be written on the blog in the very near future. 

We’re about to hit the biggest band in the world  –  BIGTIME. M*T***ICA have always been a huge source of inspiration to me. Their driving force is about you – about giving uncompromising value to their legions of fans and challenging anything that stands in their way in order to achieve it. Love ’em – really do. If you haven’t seen ‘SOME KIND OF MONSTER’ DVD I highly recommend you check it out. 

Soon … promise

If you think you know what M**ALL**A are about try this …


One Response to “25. WE’RE BACK!!!!”

  1. Bori Says:

    I wait for it curiously what you will write! :D
    I am a graphic designer too, and I just work on a “special tattoo” to the So What! for James. I hope he will like that!!
    Good work!!

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