What can be said, that hasn’t been said before, about someone whose legendary status as showman, virtuoso and innovator is second to none in the world of modern music?

I have a friend called Jamie. Some of you will know him from my book – he travelled with me overland to India in the early 70’s. He was then, and still is, a formidable, larger-than-life character in every respect. His passion and dedication to Jimi Hendrix was equally impressive and uncompromising. Such devotion, from a friend who was one of the most influential and respected people I have ever met, had to be taken seriously. Because of Jamie I started to listen to Hendrix on a different level and began to realise to what extent the man and his music influenced and changed the face of modern music in a way only a handful of true innovators ever have. He had an extraordinary talent and he presented it with a rare combination of dazzling showmanship and heartfelt passion.

Scuse me while I kiss the sky’ …

A few months ago I began work on art for a Jimi Hendrix Suite at the Cumberland Hotel in London – Hendrix’s official home address and where he conducted his last interview just days before he died. Jamie was continually in my thoughts as I created a mural (of course – how could there be an authentic 60’s room without a mural?), an exclusive Hendrix Edition and customised a ‘Flying V’ guitar based on a famous hand-painted one Hendrix owned.

My work is, of course, dedicated to Jimi Hendrix – the greatest guitarist who ever lived – but also to you Jamie, dear friend.

Watch this …

NEXT: More Hendrix …

The suite at the Cumberland – the frustrations and joys such a project inevitably entailed. ‘GRAPHIC DESIGN AS AN EXTREME SPORT’ is not a flippant sub-title to my Blog!

After HENDRIX … METALLICA – a project that has kept me busy, anti-social and on my toes for over  two months.

See ya around yeah?

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