29. Walker Brothers & the divine Scott Walker


– ‘Rock’n’Roll and Interior Design’ follows … 

… but it would be impossible not to mention THE WALKER BROTHERS at this juncture …

Contemporaries to Hendrix (he often supported their headline act) they were a hugely successful pop phenomena between 1964 and 1968. The combination of the brilliant songwriting of Burt Bacharach and Scott Engel’s towering vocals (and astonishing good looks!) ensured their fan club was bigger than that of the Beatles at the height of their fame …

At the party the Cumberland Hotel generously threw – to thank those involved in creating the HENDRIX SUITE  – I met Gary Walker. It was great to meet him but particularly as I’d indirectly referred to him in my Hendrix mural. It was Gary who provided the Zippo Hendrix used the first time he set fire to his guitar. In my Hendrix mural I’d carefully placed a beaten-up old Zippo to look as though it was sitting on one of the two bedside cabinets. Working on an art piece 5 x 2.5metres I was extremely pleased how realistic and perfectly placed it looked. An obscure reference maybe – but it’s all in the detail …

Sadly, the Walker Brothers broke up, citing the usual ‘artistic differences’ but it was clear Scott Engel (by now Scott Walker) was having serious problems dealing with fame and had already attempted to take his own life …

Thankfully, though troubled, Scott and his DIVINE voice returned and he produced amazing solo work – THAT voice more powerful and more beautiful than ever. I strongly recommend you check out his portfolio of work – diverse, soulful, heart-wrenching and always enigmatic, he is pure joy to listen to. Here are a couple of the one’s I love but there are many, many more to check out …

See you soon … for more on THE HENDRIX SUITE

3 Responses to “29. Walker Brothers & the divine Scott Walker”

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