32. More Brilliance


I have a literary mission at the moment. In order to complete my novel ‘MALAYALAM‘ – a thriller set in Mumbai in the year 2050 – the story now insists I have eleven extraordinary encounters, discovered randomly, which become part of the final few chapters. One of them appeared very recently in the wonderful city of Granada in Andalucia.

At one of the stone archways leading into the magnificent Alhambra Palace (probably the finest example of Moorish architecture in the world) I saw a young man playing a musical instrument I had never seen or heard of before ..

The instrument is called a hang and it’s exquisite sound is totally bewitching. One would be forgiven for thinking this was an instrument from an ancient civilisation – created to emulate ‘the music of the spheres‘. In fact it was developed in Switzerland less than ten years ago. Tempered to scientific perfection it’s notes vibrate directly in tune with the human body. Unfortunately I don’t have a recording of the what I heard but, to give you an idea of the instruments capabilities, here is the hang played by a virtuoso – the incredibly talented Liron Man. Make sure you watch until the astonshing finale.

HENDRIX SUITE FINALE to be posted tomorrow.

Later …

One Response to “32. More Brilliance”

  1. Sheila Mc Clintock Says:

    Hi! Just seen for the very first time this instrument. I like this very much! It is very original! Thanks for sharing and posting it! Bye!

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