34. WHITE NIGHT and, at last … METALLICA


BRIGHTON sure as Hell knows how to throw a Party …

Beginning at 2.00 pm last Saturday, 2,500 Undead gathered outside Brighton Railway station to walk through the City on their way to the ‘Zombies On The Beach‘ party, which every year kicks off ‘White Night‘ – an exciting arts phenomena of music, exhibitions, street theatre, circus and graffiti events all over the city which lasts until dawn.

To see unsuspecting tourists tumble off the train, unaware of the ghastly and grotesque zombie gathering outside the station, was absolutely priceless …

Eventually the moaning, infernal horde stumbled down the hill to the sea – much to the delight of the young and the old who lined the streets to watch the swarm of hideous ghouls lurching their way to various spectacular events throughout the day – including a brilliant FLASH DANCE on the pier …

In the evening to see groups of hideous-looking zombies gathered in pubs, restaurants and bars was not something you see every day and it was absolutely hilarious.

Thank you Brighton – for a truly Diabolical Day.

THEN, after the ‘WIN A HENDRIX’ competition on Friday
… we go back to ‘Design As An Extreme Sport’ in 1993


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