METALLICA Part Two – to be posted FEB 1


Soft Porn In Chelsea and S&M in Berlin

On Tuesday February 1st I will post
METALLICA Part Two – ‘Glamour Girls & S&M’

After completing ‘THE BIG 4‘ this summer we go back to another Box Set I did nearly 20 years ago – ‘LIVE SHIT – Binge and Purge‘.

We will discover a shock at a photographer’s Chelsea studio involving glamour girls; share production and design complications involved in the project; find a 128-page fax from Lars! and begin our trip to Berlin where we meet Gio once again – the band’s ‘minder’ – hang out with the band, and join in the shenanigins at the dominatrix after-show party – and where we see SCARY GUY re-invented …

There’s a lot more to come after that. If you missed the first Metallica blog – scroll down to

36: METALLICA Part One – ‘Fans’

Later … Tuesday to be precise.


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