41. DEF LEPPARD – Escape to New York


Before we continue with METALLICA Part Three tomorrow …
… news for DEF LEPPARD fans and collectors of rock art.

It was a shock last year, when I moved the studio to Brighton, just how much original artwork (created over the last 30-odd years) needed sorting and archiving. I also realised there was such a wide range of material created for so many diverse bands and artists that I’m now planning an exhibition in the autumn to showcase not only the designs for albums, singles, tour programmes and merchandising – but also to highlight the wide variety of techniques used in the pre-digital era to create them. It’s hard to believe isn’t it  – it’s only 20 years ago that we entered the digital age to create images. Prior to that a whole range of different skills were required (and, sadly, many of those skills are now undervalued and others rarely practised).

Courageously, several pieces of artwork from the archives made a run for it the other day – leaping across the Atlantic in a valiant attempt to begin making the exhibition a reality. They will be auctioned at BONHAMS in NEW YORK next Thursday March 10th at 1.00pm. Those artworks that made it to the Big Apple will, hopefully, encourage more artwork to escape from over-crowded drawers, bursting filing cabinets, boxes and bottomless cupboards to find somewhere to go where fans can appreciate and enjoy them.

Click BONHAMS CATALOGUE then enter Lot number 197 in the search box to find the well-meaning little scamps. All the items follow on from there with detailed description/sizes/materials etc. Artists featured are THE ROLLING STONES, DEF LEPPARD and AEROSMITH

There are 4 DEF LEPPARD original artworks (Lots 201-204). The DEF LEPPARD lettering and the ‘Pyromania’ lettering are the original pen and ink hand-drawn works from which the masters for final album art were created. The two poster artworks have a trace overlay with colour instructions for the manufacture of printing plates. I love these overlays. They make artworks very personal. All items are mounted and framed..

That’s it for now but the next post for METALLICA will be up tomorrow


Thursday March 17th … METALLICA Part Four – ‘The BIG 4/1’
Thursday March 31st … METALLICA Part Five – ‘The BIG 4/2’

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