Breaking News – ZEPPELIN CLOUD


A brief interruption in the METALLICA Posts to announce a new AIRFIX Limited Edition Print launched through St. Paul’s Gallery in England – an internationally-renowned company which prides itself on publishing extremely high-quality images created by designers working in the music industry …

LED ZEPPELIN‘s enigmatically titled ‘DVD‘ (the first release of visual material available really) is one of my favourite artworks and this extremely limited large-format edition is a preparatory ‘photo-sketch’ which formed the basis for developing the final cover. After it’s release ZEPPELIN‘s ‘DVD‘ was described as the “Holy Grail of heavy metal” and “one of the best rock documentaries ever made” by Rolling Stone magazine. It was an honour to work on the project.

CLICK HERE for ST. PAULS GALLERY and edition details

CLICK HERE to see the original LED ZEPPELIN cover


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