Well, it’s about time we had more band stories I hear you saying.
So many distractions recently … enjoyable but time-consuming …

… STILL trying to get Ray off the ‘ISCARIOT‘ in I N V A G E N T S

(YOU try getting him off the largest, most lethal, stealth-cruiser on the planet – it’s more than a five-minute mission you must realise !) …

… working on the ‘LovePower‘ album … MUCH more on this soon …
… preparing for an exhibition of original art from my archives … details soon …

… and delivering the newly customised HENDRIX Flying V to replace the one that was nicked from the HENDRIX SUITE … bastards

So … putting it mildly – it’s been pretty full-on.
Now though, at last, I have a little time to create  …


Some great stories of the band on tour and the joys of having those ‘GO ANYWHERE YOU FUCKIN’ LIKE‘ passes. I’ve SO enjoyed writing this one and with only an hour or two ’til it’s finished. I’m sure you’ll all enjoy it too. Collapsing stages, mosh-pits, tour-buses, set-building, and of course – the BAND BACKSTAGE!.

Give me a couple of days ….
As ever … &ie

7 Responses to “‘METALLICALIVE’ (nearly!)”

  1. Austin Welch Says:


    I love reading your posts. I don’t normally read anybody’s blogs, but I love the way you write and the things you write about! :) You are a pretty awesome dude. Can’t wait to read the next Metallica post!

  2. suki1224 Says:

    Metallica should come to North port FL;)

  3. shirin Says:

    i love you

  4. james torney Says:

    i grew up to metallica music and i was named after james and i would love to see metallica in palm springs i truely love metallica and i would pay a million dollars to meat metallica in person :)

  5. kim Says:

    Hi found your blog by accident what amazing full lives you have !!! my husband gets mega great enjoyment from your music as do I we have always loved you and even though he is terminally ill with Lou gehrig’s he still plans on seeing you guys live !! keep rockin !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  7. LIZ Says:

    Grew up with metallica, love them there music and everyone who is involved in helping them on tours. your all the bomb. keep on rockin you are appriciated and loved

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