Around England By Any Means


Hilarious video

We were fortunate last night to meet two remarkable young men from Grimsby in northern England … who have set themselves a daunting task … to travel around the borders and coastline of England raising money for CANCER RESEARCH UK

Adam Stewart and Jason Hare with models at the launch of Brighton Fashion Week.

… the thing is – they left Grimsby 16 days ago with a small bag of essentials (toothbrush, a change of clothes etc), a tent, BUT WITH NO MONEY AT ALL to see if they could complete their ambitious journey WITHOUT SPENDING A SINGLE PENNY – while at the same time collecting donations of which ALL goes to CANCER RESEARCH UK.

Jason said: “We’re doing this for all those people who have been on their own long journeys in the form of cancer. These people and their families, often have to rely upon others for care and support. This event will test our endurance and I’m sure our friendship, but we aim to raise a great deal of money for Cancer Research UK and hope to see some good examples of how friendly, polite and hospitable the good people of England really are.”

Remarkably, they’re still going, have not spent a single penny, have been given hotel rooms to stay in for nothing, eaten in restaurants for free, been bought supplies, travelled at no cost – and have, including donations along the journey, raised over £4,000.00 so far.

Follow them on twitter @aroundengland

Help them reach their £8,000.00 target by
CLICKING HERE – Come on Everybody they’re halfway towards their target !


PS: ‘METALLICALIVE (2)’ in the next few days.

One Response to “Around England By Any Means”

  1. richardclarkmonks Says:

    Adam and Jason are STARS! It was great to meet them. I’m going to sponsor them RIGHT NOW!!!!

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