Finally emerging …

Well, looking back to the last blog, I can understand you thinking I’d disappeared again on one of the ‘I N V A G E N T S‘ secret missions working for the IBI in Mumbai or I’d been off again adventuring in the Himalayas but, unfortunately the reasons for my disappearance are far more mundane and far more painful and debilitating … there’s nothing cool, exciting or adventurous about a broken arm and pneumonia!

Eight weeks ago (feels like eight years) I had the misfortune to break my right arm – on the first day of a holiday would you believe – pretty much putting everything I’d been doing on hold up until now. From trying to brush my teeth, putting on shoes, working on the computer and attempting to cook – to carrying shopping, showering, opening letters and trying to avoid people heading straight for me at 100 miles an hour every time I stepped outside the front door – it’s been a bit of a shit few weeks to put it mildly. To add insult to injury (ha-ha) – two weeks ago, after a chest infection which seemed to drag on and on –  I was diagnosed with pneumonia and  admitted to hospital for treatment. Not funny. Not funny at all

But …

Thankfully circumstances DO change and I’m pleased to say things are now on the up and I’m trying to pull together various projects I last enjoyed working on nearly two months ago. The blog of course needs attention and, as one of the things I enjoy doing most, it will blossom once again very shortly …

I’ll keep you posted with the IMMINENT return of METALLICALIVE.

Also …
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