That time of year again … and Ricky Clark-Monks, renowned fashion designer, singer, and infamous baker of cakes, is having a go at growing a moustache for the whole of November …

I know. Terrifying isn’t it? Thing is though – the moustachioed (well nearly) one has already scooped up over £500.00 in donations for MOVEMBER (the charity which promotes men’s health issues if you didn’t already know) so I implore all of you to go to …

and give what you can to help him collect even more for a charity which has been hugely successful in getting men to have regular check-ups with their doctors – the male, in general, being too nervous, embarrassed or just plain scared to make that visit – to ensure anything which is potentially very nasty can be caught in time and eradicated .

ROCK ON and DONATE some money. Please. It’s very easy.

Yours as ever


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