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The Mayans and 21.12.12

December 20, 2012

For those preparing for the END OF THE WORLD tomorrow
– don’t panic – take heart.

December 21, 2012, is not the end of world but the last day of the Mayan calendar. It is rather the end of an era which, according to the Mayans, lasted 5,125 years. A new one begins on 22.12.12.

So relax guys … it’ll still be here in all its glory!


It was a flight like so many I had taken and I settled into its routine. I was on my way to Turkey when an extraordinary thing happened. To avoid a severe storm raging over eastern Europe, the plane banked steeply and rose several thousand feet higher than its usual flight path. I had a seat at the back of the plane next to the window with an astonishing view of Planet Earth. I stared at the curved horizon and in one of those rare moments of revelation, because the curve was much more pronounced as the horizon curved off to the left and the right, it was possible to work out and to visualise the actual size of the planet below me. The revelation? We live on a VERY SMALL object, much, much smaller than I had previously imagined. I immediately understood why, for those who have been lucky enough to view the Earth from space, they all refer to the Earth as delicate and fragile.

Every time I go on a plane now, since that incredibly powerful revelation, I can visualise the planet’s size and realise it wouldn’t take much, in cosmic terms and scale, for it to disappear from the heavens.

It won’t be tomorrow though.

As ever


The Master Is Back

December 13, 2012