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After what seems like months – oh, it has been months – we’re well on the way to creating the AIRFIX LOUNGE – opening as part of the largest arts festival in England – the BRIGHTON FRINGE – in May.

For the Exhibition, delving deeper and deeper into the Airfix Archives we’ve found some real gems, some of which I thought I’d lost, some I’d completely forgotten about and many I happily re-discovered.

For the Talks I’ve remembered some very cool stories about working with ‘legendary’ musicians, been reminded of many stories I tried to forget and others that will be a joy to share with you. I’m now really looking forward to it all and I’m sure the Exhibition and the Talks will inspire music fans and designers alike

– so BE THERE.

Details and dates of free Exhibition and ticketed Talks below.

Check out special DEF LEPPARD & METALLICA weekends.

Book tickets NOW from BRIGHTON FRINGE as limited numbers are available


‘Work’n’Progress’ (free)
(May 6th-25th 10-6 daily. Closed Mondays)

The free exhibition will feature iconic Airfix designs, unpublished work, original art, roughs, typography & logo designs and will evolve and expand over the three weeks. Also available will be signed LIMITED EDITION PRINTS (including 2 NEW Metallica editions), vintage Airfix t-shirts and original gift items for Rock’n’Rollers.


(All talks at 7.30 pm except Sunday talks at 3.00pm)

MUSIC DESIGN 1 – ‘Early Days. Just Do It!’
(May 12/19/24)

Starting out • 80’s graphics • Destroying cars with PETE BURNS • BOWIE and the BLITZ KIDS • Customs meltdown with THOMPSON TWINS • Logos and Type • Pre-computer design techniques • Who really painted the ‘Bostin’ Steve Austin’ album sleeve? • New directions • MORE • Q&A’s

MUSIC DESIGN 2 – ‘Latter Days. Expanding Horizons’
(May 8/15/22/25)

Double catastrophe at opening night of ROLLING STONES tour • Invaluable lessons from PAUL McCARTNEY • Photography • The ZEPPELIN challenge • Airfix tackles World Tours – AC/DC, GUNS’N’ROSES, PAGE & PLANT • Computers • A Royal Commission • MORE • Q&A’s

DEF LEPPARD – ‘Breaking the Rock’n’Rules’
(May 10/11)

A daunting brief for ‘Pyromania’ • Searching for diamonds in Dublin • 4 years (!) creating the ‘Hysteria’ sleeve • Stadium Rock comes of age • Why did the original idea for ‘Hysteria’ have to change after 3 years work? • ‘Pyromanis & 9/11 • Introducing computer graphics • MORE • Q&A’s

METALLICA – ‘Getting the Shit to the Fans.’
(May 17/18)

The Black Album Tour • ‘Live Shit – Binge and Purge’ • Radical new design direction for the band • Designer’s worst nightmare • Tour shocker at Madison Square Gardens • Fans are everything • VICTOR’s story • ‘Garage Days’, San Francisco • ‘S&M’, Berlin • MORE • Q&A’s


That’s all for now but check frequently for more info, special events and …

TWO NEW METALLICA Limited Edition Prints
– exclusive to the AIRFIX LOUNGE

See ya

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