METALLICA Edition Exclusive


It’s crazy here. All hands on deck for the launch
– this weekend! – of the …

The Airfix Lounge blog

Created specifically for the launch, two METALLICA Limited Edition prints are now available – only from the Airfix Lounge EXHIBITION and from

Metallica have approved the two Editions. THANK YOU Guys.

What better endorsement could I have to kick off what will be an extraordinary event, something I’ve wanted to do for years. Much more detail on the EXHIBITION (showcasing METALLICA original artwork) and the TALKS at  Check it out.

In the meantime … here they are


Watermarked A3 METALLICA 1 72dpi

and … METALLICA Ninja 2 …

Watermarked A3 METALLICA 2 72dpi

Hope you like them.

More Soon, take care

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