Brighton Dome Seat Appeal. 


Hello everyone. Ricky here, Andie’s husband. 

I’m raising money to have a seat named in Andie’s honour at the Brighton Dome. 

Please go to for more info. 
Go to to find out more about the refurb. 
Thank you. 
I’d also like to thank you all for the amazing love and support you have shown me and Andie’s family. We really do appreciate it. 

He was, is and always will be, a legend. 

2 Responses to “Brighton Dome Seat Appeal. ”

  1. susieq72 Says:

    Hi Ricky

    We have recently acquired The Rolling Stones piece by Andie and are hoping to make it a central piece in our new Record Art and vintage collectibles shop. We do not have too much information on the piece and wondered if perhaps you could help? We would be happy to make a donation Of 10% of the value in Andie’s honour once sold. Many thanks.

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