SPIN DOCTOR WHO – Essential viewing right here!

August 5, 2013 by

Hoped as much – but now confirmed … the brilliant PETER CAPALDI is the new DOCTOR WHO.


As always it’s a hard act to follow. Expectations are huge. Matt Smith was a radical choice too – an unknown actor (then!) but he brought physicality, lunacy and vunerability to the role and made it his own. Capaldi is a daring gamble for sure and Christ knows what he will bring to the role. It’s hard to imagine MALCOLM TUCKER delivering such acerbic horrifying insults as THE DOCTOR


but then, of course, we know better when we watch other performances by CAPALDI. From the horrific outbursts of Malcolm Tucker we witness this heart-breaking and dramatic outburst of emotion in one the best BBC dramas on TV this year, (also starring the exquisite Ben Wishaw, Dominic West and the amazing Romola Garai). This is Capaldi as the Head of News when he finds out his daughter is dead – the powerful performance still astounds and shocks me.

WATCH THIS: Randall Brown in ‘THE HOUR’

Interesting choice then.

From a DOCTOR WHO fan, who really did hide behind the sofa and have nightmares when the Daleks first appeared in 1963, I wish you the best of luck, Mr Capaldi. I get the feeling we’re in for another extreme regeneration.


THE ROLLING STONES visit the Airfix Lounge – ‘Skippy’

July 1, 2013 by

Seems appropriate … after Glastonbury and Hyde Park

to remind you I created an edition for the Airfix Lounge launch in May …

blog master

I called the Dog ‘Skippy‘, inappropriate as it was – the design of a monstrous rabid dog fronting a Rolling Stones tour. The logo was for the brilliant ‘Urban Jungle‘ tour in 1990. I was commissioned to re-design all the elements of the ‘Steel Wheels‘ tour when it arrived in Europe. The band felt the corporate look which dominated Steel Wheels in the US needed to be much more ‘edgy’ for the European leg of the tour.

Much more on ‘URBAN JUNGLE‘ – PART ONE & PART TWO from blogs in 2012. They give an insight into working with The ROLLING STONES and there are some hilarious stories including serious embarrassment at the launch party for the tour in Rotterdam. Still makes me cringe after over 20 years.

Check out the website

2013 Airfix logo new col

to see the ‘Skippy’ edition and more
– including two editions Lars Ulrich described as ‘AWESOME!’
– the METALLICA ‘NINJA’ Stars, of course.

More very soon – I feel I need to catch up on some of the STORIES! and introduce you all to …

Archive logo grey red

Now THERE’s a Pandora’s box that needed opening. some of it I’d almost forgotten about. I love the older artworks with the colour instuction overlay – amazing what you find …

SABBATH tyr front


GUITAR: Metallica, Zeppelin, AC/DC, Def Leppard, DoA, Live8, Stones. NOW on eBay

June 24, 2013 by

On EBAY until 10am Monday July 1st 2013 … start bidding!


guitar graph and photo 72

Is it a Bird? Is it a Guitar? Is it Art? Does it Play?

Well – three of those certainly. (I don’t think it flies – yet.) Depends who buys it. I could think of a few people who could help it on its way.

I created this guitar (with more than a little technical help from Zoli) as part of the AIRFIX LOUNGE exhibition at the Brighton Fringe this year. It celebrates many of the artists I have worked with over the years including METALLICA, LED ZEPPELIN, DEF LEPPARD, AC/DC, THOMPSON TWINS, DEAD OR ALIVE & PAUL McCARTNEY.

The Hutchins limited edition (of 250) guitar is a replica of the famous ‘teardrop’ guitar played by Brian Jones of The Rolling Stones. The edition was a sell-out apart from a few retained by Hutchins GuitarsThis is one of them – edition number o99. It was kindly donated by Gary Hutchins – to help support and promote the launch of the ambitious AIRFIX LOUNGE project.

The guitar has escaped to EBAY to help further the expansion of the AIRFIX LOUNGE

The LOUNGE was a huge success (much more on that in another blog soon) and there were so many comments received from the US, via various social media, asking if the exhibition and talks would transfer to America.

In answer to those exhuberantly supportive fans – I’m happy to announce that talks ARE in progress right now to take the AIRFIX LOUNGE to a major US city. Stay tuned.

Here’s the Beast in more detail – the design perfectly replicated on the body of the guitar

guitar x1 a crop

guitar x1 flat 72

Full LOUNGE guitar

So … hang it on your wall,
play it,
fly it,
love it
and also help us get the show further down the road as the AIRFIX LOUNGE expands and begins to tour – bringing a great rock-art show to those fans who have been so positive about the project so far.

More techy details and specs on EBAY.

The Beast could be yours. Catch it before it escapes again
Best of luck


June 20, 2013 by

At 10.00am GMT, on 21st May, the Andie Airfix designed Hutchins guitar will be on sale on eBay.
This Special Edition replica ‘Teardrop’ guitar, based on the one used by Brian Jones of The Rolling Stones, is a one-off design incorporating names and designs of some of my favourite clients: including METALLICA, THE ROLLING STONES, DEAD OR ALIVE, PAUL McCARTNEY, LED ZEPPELIN, DEF LEPPARD & LIVE 8 ….

Start bidding now
Search on eBay: andie airfix Hutchins guitar




May 16, 2013 by

For those of you heading to Brighton for The Great Escape

(open 10-6pm Friday17/Saturday18/Sunday19 May) …

SPACE@CREATE, New England House, York Hill, BN1 4GH. (Fringe Venue 19)

to see original Metallica artwork … LIVE SHIT, GARAGE INC, LOAD/RE-LOAD and my tribute ‘painting’.

met x 5jpg

This 6 foot wide 5-panel multi-media piece, dedicated to Cliff Burton, comprises of photos, muslin, metal wires and staples.

Other work includes …

live shit

original drawings for Scary Guy …

scary 1

Metallica logos for LOAD & RE-LOAD project …

and the 2 editions Lars Ulrich of Metallica called ‘Awesome!’

2 editions


Details of Exhibition at andieairfix.com


Enjoy the weekend in this fantastic town



May 7, 2013 by

Thank you everybody …

What a BRILLIANT night …

… and this is only one of the rooms.


See post below for details of the 2 band-approved METALLICA editions
More later … when I’ve caught my breath!


METALLICA Edition Exclusive

May 1, 2013 by

It’s crazy here. All hands on deck for the launch
– this weekend! – of the …

The Airfix Lounge blog

Created specifically for the launch, two METALLICA Limited Edition prints are now available – only from the Airfix Lounge EXHIBITION and from andieairfix.com

Metallica have approved the two Editions. THANK YOU Guys.

What better endorsement could I have to kick off what will be an extraordinary event, something I’ve wanted to do for years. Much more detail on the EXHIBITION (showcasing METALLICA original artwork) and the TALKS at andieairfix.com  Check it out.

In the meantime … here they are


Watermarked A3 METALLICA 1 72dpi

and … METALLICA Ninja 2 …

Watermarked A3 METALLICA 2 72dpi

Hope you like them.

More Soon, take care


April 19, 2013 by

Storm Thorgeson

(28 February 1944 – 18 April 2013)



Love and Condolences to Family and Friends.

Thank You RC-M

April 18, 2013 by

Richard Clark-Monks sent this to me …


It’s weird to see 25 of my album sleeves together! I was struck immediately by the diversity of styles. I guess that’s testament to my philosophy of matching the design to the client rather than insisting I push an Airfix style to all. That’s a good thing but still weird though.


Gives an idea of what you can expect during
Exhibition and Talks at the AIRFIX LOUNGE.
Exhibitions FREE – but bought your tickets for the Talks yet?
Only 9 quid for what should be, and I quote …

Highly entertaining, often hilarious and possibly libellous,
– an inspiration to both designers and music fans alike.



Files, Drawers and Boxes

April 15, 2013 by

Well … approaching launch of AIRFIX LOUNGE very quickly.

reg blog

Firstly … Thank you all for your support in helping us with the AIRFIX LOUNGE.
It’s appreciated hugely – to make the event even bigger and more exciting. Bloggers please feel free to contribute. To see Sponsorship details and see the advantages of being A Friend of the AIRFIX LOUNGE, CLICK HERE.

For the Exhibition at the LOUNGE I’ve been looking through files, drawers and boxes and one helluva lot of original artwork. Constant surprises abound.

Coming next on the blog …
METALLICA art revealed
and details of the DEF LEPPARD and METALLICA weekends.

… but before then I thought I’d give you a glimpse of what I’m finding … and what you’ll see when you come to the Exhibition as part of BRIGHTON FRINGE …

AC/DC Pencil drawing of logo …

exploding acdc

THOMPSON TWINS triple picture disc …

twins pic discs

DEF LEPPARD Circuit drawing for ‘Hysteria’ background …

hysteria circuit

METALLICA Close-up of original logo for ‘LIVE SHIT’

met logo cu

LED ZEPPELIN Hologram test for DVD label …

zep holo 1

DEF LEPPARD award for back to back Platinum discs …


MOTLEY CRUE hand-drawn logo …



met live shit

LED ZEPPELIN original idea for ‘BBC Sessions’ approved by Jimmy Page …

bbc 4 detail

ROBERT PLANT original for BBC Sessions …

bbc robert

DEF LEPPARD Original illustration for ‘Hysteria’ Picture Disc …


LED ZEPPELIN DVD printer’s proof of digipak

zepp dvd digi

DEF LEPPARD Original art for ‘Love Bites’

love bites art 2

And that’s just scratching the surface!

Enough Airfix – get back to your archiving. Oh my God what’s that?