METALLICA Edition Exclusive

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It’s crazy here. All hands on deck for the launch
– this weekend! – of the …

The Airfix Lounge blog

Created specifically for the launch, two METALLICA Limited Edition prints are now available – only from the Airfix Lounge EXHIBITION and from

Metallica have approved the two Editions. THANK YOU Guys.

What better endorsement could I have to kick off what will be an extraordinary event, something I’ve wanted to do for years. Much more detail on the EXHIBITION (showcasing METALLICA original artwork) and the TALKS at  Check it out.

In the meantime … here they are


Watermarked A3 METALLICA 1 72dpi

and … METALLICA Ninja 2 …

Watermarked A3 METALLICA 2 72dpi

Hope you like them.

More Soon, take care


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Storm Thorgeson

(28 February 1944 – 18 April 2013)



Love and Condolences to Family and Friends.

Thank You RC-M

April 18, 2013 by

Richard Clark-Monks sent this to me …


It’s weird to see 25 of my album sleeves together! I was struck immediately by the diversity of styles. I guess that’s testament to my philosophy of matching the design to the client rather than insisting I push an Airfix style to all. That’s a good thing but still weird though.


Gives an idea of what you can expect during
Exhibition and Talks at the AIRFIX LOUNGE.
Exhibitions FREE – but bought your tickets for the Talks yet?
Only 9 quid for what should be, and I quote …

Highly entertaining, often hilarious and possibly libellous,
– an inspiration to both designers and music fans alike.



Files, Drawers and Boxes

April 15, 2013 by

Well … approaching launch of AIRFIX LOUNGE very quickly.

reg blog

Firstly … Thank you all for your support in helping us with the AIRFIX LOUNGE.
It’s appreciated hugely – to make the event even bigger and more exciting. Bloggers please feel free to contribute. To see Sponsorship details and see the advantages of being A Friend of the AIRFIX LOUNGE, CLICK HERE.

For the Exhibition at the LOUNGE I’ve been looking through files, drawers and boxes and one helluva lot of original artwork. Constant surprises abound.

Coming next on the blog …
METALLICA art revealed
and details of the DEF LEPPARD and METALLICA weekends.

… but before then I thought I’d give you a glimpse of what I’m finding … and what you’ll see when you come to the Exhibition as part of BRIGHTON FRINGE …

AC/DC Pencil drawing of logo …

exploding acdc

THOMPSON TWINS triple picture disc …

twins pic discs

DEF LEPPARD Circuit drawing for ‘Hysteria’ background …

hysteria circuit

METALLICA Close-up of original logo for ‘LIVE SHIT’

met logo cu

LED ZEPPELIN Hologram test for DVD label …

zep holo 1

DEF LEPPARD award for back to back Platinum discs …


MOTLEY CRUE hand-drawn logo …



met live shit

LED ZEPPELIN original idea for ‘BBC Sessions’ approved by Jimmy Page …

bbc 4 detail

ROBERT PLANT original for BBC Sessions …

bbc robert

DEF LEPPARD Original illustration for ‘Hysteria’ Picture Disc …


LED ZEPPELIN DVD printer’s proof of digipak

zepp dvd digi

DEF LEPPARD Original art for ‘Love Bites’

love bites art 2

And that’s just scratching the surface!

Enough Airfix – get back to your archiving. Oh my God what’s that?



With a Little Help from Our Friends

April 2, 2013 by

The Exhibition and the Talks

PROMO Airfix 50%

It’s all happening …

It really is a joy to sift through the Archives and find artworks for the Exhibition. It reminds me of so many stories linked to each and they’ll make for some very entertaining evenings at the AIRFIX LOUNGE in May.

It’s an incredible undertaking to put on the 3-week Exhibition and the series of 11 Talks. By the time a production team is on board to construct and light the event, exhibits have been mounted and framed, invigilators are taken on for 8 hours a day, the highest quality limited editions are printed, merchandising has been designed and produced, and the multitude of promotional material is available – it drains all resources, physically, mentally and financially.

I wouldn’t suggest anyone have a mental breakdown for me, or to visit the chiropractor or to supply me with ibroprofin for the muscle pains, but you could become a Friend of the Airfix Lounge NOW by sponsoring us.

We are trying to raise £10,000 towards costs of the current exhibition and to expand our devilishly fashionable and exclusive merchandise range. To make this happen, we need YOU!

There are, of course, benefits if you become a Sponsor & Friend of the AIRFIX LOUNGE … click our creative advisorREG‘ (pictured below) on the homepage of to discover what they are. In the future there will be many more exclusive offers.

reg blog

To be involved in the development of merchandising (including a range of Exclusive Limited Edition Prints) drop us an e-mail and we can discuss developing and promoting a range of exciting and original Gifts for Rock’N’Rollers. There is such a wealth of artwork material available, much of it never published, created for an incredibly diverse range of Music’s ‘Megastars’ – The Rolling Stones, Metallica, Def Leppard, Dead Or Alive, AC/DC, Thompson Twins, Gun’N’Roses, Led Zeppelin & Paul McCartney to name a few. The possibilities are endless.

The AIRFIX LOUNGE is an ongoing affair (there is already talk of taking it to the Edinburgh Festival this year) so we will need support to make it bigger and even more exciting. The rarities we’ve unearthed – it really does feel like an archeological dig! – will be a real eye-opener to designers, the fashion conscious and music fans alike.

So … visit … click ‘REG’ … and see if there is a way you can help us develop and extend this original, entertaining and exciting project. Rock On …

… and see you there

A quick postscript. Still one of my favourites – Airfix merchandising for local band …

Perils packaging with condom web


March 21, 2013 by

lounge roundel blog

After what seems like months – oh, it has been months – we’re well on the way to creating the AIRFIX LOUNGE – opening as part of the largest arts festival in England – the BRIGHTON FRINGE – in May.

For the Exhibition, delving deeper and deeper into the Airfix Archives we’ve found some real gems, some of which I thought I’d lost, some I’d completely forgotten about and many I happily re-discovered.

For the Talks I’ve remembered some very cool stories about working with ‘legendary’ musicians, been reminded of many stories I tried to forget and others that will be a joy to share with you. I’m now really looking forward to it all and I’m sure the Exhibition and the Talks will inspire music fans and designers alike

– so BE THERE.

Details and dates of free Exhibition and ticketed Talks below.

Check out special DEF LEPPARD & METALLICA weekends.

Book tickets NOW from BRIGHTON FRINGE as limited numbers are available


‘Work’n’Progress’ (free)
(May 6th-25th 10-6 daily. Closed Mondays)

The free exhibition will feature iconic Airfix designs, unpublished work, original art, roughs, typography & logo designs and will evolve and expand over the three weeks. Also available will be signed LIMITED EDITION PRINTS (including 2 NEW Metallica editions), vintage Airfix t-shirts and original gift items for Rock’n’Rollers.


(All talks at 7.30 pm except Sunday talks at 3.00pm)

MUSIC DESIGN 1 – ‘Early Days. Just Do It!’
(May 12/19/24)

Starting out • 80’s graphics • Destroying cars with PETE BURNS • BOWIE and the BLITZ KIDS • Customs meltdown with THOMPSON TWINS • Logos and Type • Pre-computer design techniques • Who really painted the ‘Bostin’ Steve Austin’ album sleeve? • New directions • MORE • Q&A’s

MUSIC DESIGN 2 – ‘Latter Days. Expanding Horizons’
(May 8/15/22/25)

Double catastrophe at opening night of ROLLING STONES tour • Invaluable lessons from PAUL McCARTNEY • Photography • The ZEPPELIN challenge • Airfix tackles World Tours – AC/DC, GUNS’N’ROSES, PAGE & PLANT • Computers • A Royal Commission • MORE • Q&A’s

DEF LEPPARD – ‘Breaking the Rock’n’Rules’
(May 10/11)

A daunting brief for ‘Pyromania’ • Searching for diamonds in Dublin • 4 years (!) creating the ‘Hysteria’ sleeve • Stadium Rock comes of age • Why did the original idea for ‘Hysteria’ have to change after 3 years work? • ‘Pyromanis & 9/11 • Introducing computer graphics • MORE • Q&A’s

METALLICA – ‘Getting the Shit to the Fans.’
(May 17/18)

The Black Album Tour • ‘Live Shit – Binge and Purge’ • Radical new design direction for the band • Designer’s worst nightmare • Tour shocker at Madison Square Gardens • Fans are everything • VICTOR’s story • ‘Garage Days’, San Francisco • ‘S&M’, Berlin • MORE • Q&A’s


That’s all for now but check frequently for more info, special events and …

TWO NEW METALLICA Limited Edition Prints
– exclusive to the AIRFIX LOUNGE

See ya


March 19, 2013 by


This is a design by Andie Airfix.
An iconic sleeve – many have said so. I can’t count the number of interviews I’ve done on how it was created and what a break-through sleeve it was at the time …


This is NOT designed by Andie Airfix …


Neither is this …


Whatever happened to artists rights? Lets find out should we?

I’m not a precious designer but there are limits …

The original illustration took weeks to perfect – the sleeve 4 years.

Find out why at …
lounge roundelpresented by ROCK BRIGHTON as part of the BRIGHTON FRINGE in May
(visit for details of DEF LEPPARD and METALLICA weekends.

MORE on the AIRFIX LOUNGE very shortly …

To be continued …

Announcing the … airfix lounge

January 7, 2013 by

Well, dreams begin to materialise …

The Airfix Lounge Master Logo 2-line

For years I’ve wanted to open an Andie Airfix gallery space that could accommodate pop-up events as well as a conventional (well maybe not that conventional!) gallery displaying my work – a space that not only shows one-off rock art exhibitions for artists like Metallica, Led Zeppelin or Def Leppard –but also now and again opens in the evenings for discussions and chats about design and graphic techniques sadly lost in the all-pervasive computer age; a Space that invites guest speakers and designers who’ve been involved in music graphics – and generally have a good time over a beer or a glass of wine.

Ambitious probably – but then how do you get stuff done without going for it?

the space

Well … it’s begun … opening as part of the BRIGHTON FRINGE, the largest arts festival in England, ROCK BRIGHTON presents the AIRFIX LOUNGE, an exciting month-long event in May 2013 where, in addition to seeing Airfix art never previously exhibited, you will have the chance to see ‘B*B G€LD*F STOLE MY SUNGLASSES’LIVE – a unique opportunity to hear the stories of working in the chaotic rock’n’roll world for over thirty years. Sometimes hair-raising, usually hilarious and always informative the talks will also demonstrate how many iconic album sleeves were created and the processes used to create them

It’s a great start and, and over the next few months, details will be outlined here.

Dates for exclusive events like the METALLICA and
DEF LEPPARD Weekends, will be announced in February


lounge blog def


Oh, and speaking of openings…


The Mayans and 21.12.12

December 20, 2012 by

For those preparing for the END OF THE WORLD tomorrow
– don’t panic – take heart.

December 21, 2012, is not the end of world but the last day of the Mayan calendar. It is rather the end of an era which, according to the Mayans, lasted 5,125 years. A new one begins on 22.12.12.

So relax guys … it’ll still be here in all its glory!


It was a flight like so many I had taken and I settled into its routine. I was on my way to Turkey when an extraordinary thing happened. To avoid a severe storm raging over eastern Europe, the plane banked steeply and rose several thousand feet higher than its usual flight path. I had a seat at the back of the plane next to the window with an astonishing view of Planet Earth. I stared at the curved horizon and in one of those rare moments of revelation, because the curve was much more pronounced as the horizon curved off to the left and the right, it was possible to work out and to visualise the actual size of the planet below me. The revelation? We live on a VERY SMALL object, much, much smaller than I had previously imagined. I immediately understood why, for those who have been lucky enough to view the Earth from space, they all refer to the Earth as delicate and fragile.

Every time I go on a plane now, since that incredibly powerful revelation, I can visualise the planet’s size and realise it wouldn’t take much, in cosmic terms and scale, for it to disappear from the heavens.

It won’t be tomorrow though.

As ever


The Master Is Back

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