30 Years of HYSTERIA by Def Leppard

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Andie Airfix, legendary graphic designer, signing one of his Limited Edition prints, celebrating 30 years of his iconic album sleeve design for ‘HYSTERIA’.
The album has sold over 25,000,000 copies worldwide.
This print is available exclusively from St Paul’s Gallery

Illness has interrupted creativity. Returning SOON

March 9, 2017 by

Sometimes things interrupt your life on a major scale but POSITIVITY will prevail. Stay tuned for more great encounters with rock’n’roll legends.

B A C K  A G A I N  S O O N

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January 8, 2015 by

Apologies for the crazy length of time since the last blog but been away a lot organising various projects for 2015. More on that later …

Kept in touch via the inescapable Twitter @andieairfix
with #MoodOfTheDay and #AirfixArchives. Twitter feed and follow …
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 First … The Holidays. I hope you all had a wonderful time …

Jesus all about meSecondly … I’d like to thank everyone who had The Inclination and The Taste to buy Airfix Editions over the holiday period.

Thank You all.


Some Prints and Editions are still available of course …
METALLICA, BOWIE, MADONNA, ROLLING STONES, DEF LEPPARD, LED ZEPPELIN, JIMI HENDRIX and more. Go on … you know you want to … andieairfix.com

To welcome you into 2015, I’d like to take the opportunity to thank my followers on Twitter and those loyal to my blog with a quote I love from the wonderfully anarchic and irreverent world of one of America’s greatest novelists and comic writers.



More quotes at KURT VONNEGUT

A Happy, Healthy, Prosperous and Peaceful New Year to You from Andie Airfix at

Satori peace logo


I will leave you with an image commenting on the tragedy in Paris yesterday. It is poignant, wonderfully direct and implies hope and defiance in equal measure. Brilliant.

banksy pencil


More very soon on Plans for 2015 … including taking a one-man show to Japan (and maybe more places!)
Finally on the road to publishing a novel
‘ I N V A G E N T S ‘

and a design book entitled – yes you guessed it

Later and soon,
As ever


May 19, 2014 by

What an extraordinary evening it was.

moulin invitation small

Thank you – all who were involved with my ‘gig’ at the ‘Moulin Rouge’ Spiegeltent as part of the Brighton Fringe – particularly Richard, Jo, Mandy and the guest keyboard player, Richard Clark-Monks. A very special thanks to Adrian and all those at the Tent who made the performance happen and run so smoothly.

Early on in my chat I was talking about Holly Woodlawn – the Warhol Superstar …

holly woodlawn landscape


… and major player as part of  the Warhol Factory in New York.
Lou Reed immortalised Holly …

Holly came from Miami, F.L.A.
Hitch-hiked her way across the U.S.A.
Plucked her eyebrows on the way
Shaved her legs and then he was a she
She says, “Hey babe, take a walk on the wild side”
He said, “Hey honey, take a walk on the wild side

Halfway through my stories of spending 3 weeks with Holly in London,
(see Blog ’50: LOU REED – ‘Life-Changer’ for details!)
someone unexpectedly walked towards the stage. I did a real double-take. It was the legend HERBIE FLOWERS. Herbie Flowers was a founding member of the group BLUE MINK, featured in a mid-1970s line-up of T-REX and later played bass with many superstars including David Bowie and Paul McCartney. I had NO idea he would be appearing and I sat down on the stage and listened to his wonderful story about how the classic bass line was created in the studio with LOU REED. Watching him play his bass to explain how the riff developed was one of those moments of history for me

Thank You Herbie Flowers – you made my day/week/year …

Airfix and Flowers

The talks ‘Graphic Design as an Extreme Sport‘ will continue and who will show up next time I wonder?
Who knows? – not me – not yet.

Make sure you check out the rest of the blog for stories of working with ‘Megastars’!




Rock Gods and Spoilt Brats at the infamous Spiegeltent in Brighton

April 29, 2014 by

Hello All,

Preparations are now well under way for fun, drinking and debauchery at the ….


On Friday 16th May 2014 from 6-7 pm …

… I’m very excited and honoured to be asked to talk at the famous ‘Moulin Rouge’ Spiegeltent as part of Brighton Fringe.  After the country’s largest music festival ‘The Great Escape‘, I shall be chatting about how iconic designs are created for legendary music stars in the utterly insane world of Pop Music and Rock’n’Roll, and telling stories of what it’s like to work with music’s unpredictable ‘megastars’ …

Starting Out • ‘PYROMANIA‘ and 9/11 • Dealing with ‘difficult’ clients • Creating ‘HYSTERIA‘ • PETE BURNS tells a few home truths to Sony • Pre-computer Techniques • “You’ll never work in the music industry again” • Finding allies in business • With METALLICA honesty always wins • Buttock-clenching embarrassment at opening night of ROLLING STONES tour • Joys of Typography • Working at Clarence House • Get out and about • Designers ultimate nightmare • The pressures working on LIVE AID and LIVE 8 • Axl Rose flips out • Fans and Parties • Lessons from PAUL McCARTNEY • The wonderful Victor • Challenges from LED ZEPPELIN and much more.

The venue is hardly your average tent  …

moulin rouge outsidemoulin-rouge01

… but this extravagant and colourful venue was erected in less than 5 hours !!!  The original Spiegeltents were the ‘domain of night-owls, heartbreakers and dream-chasers’. They were legendary and still are.

Don’t miss out.
Book your tickets now at brighton fringe website
or Box Office on 01273 917272





November 25, 2013 by

Continuing our quest for Christmas presents …

First, thank you for a great response from AC/DC and METALLICA fans after last blog. Now you can relax. SORTED.

During the coming season of commercial hysteria and shopping meltdown –  endlessly repetitive TV advertising (tedious cartoons courtesy of John Lewis, SnotBall games from Iceland and perfume-ads called  Pariah Carey, Hairy Bikers, Fragrance Of Burnt Offal and Sweat Of Armadillo) is driving me mental. There are still weeks left to be bombarded/blackmailed/co-erced into joining in the race to the 25th December. All very little to do with …

Happy Birthday to Me

To counterbalance here are a couple of new Limited Editions expressing sentiments I hope are more appropriate to the occasion in question …

EDITIONS LAUNCH on Friday 29th November …

lovepower MASTER 1000 web

4 peace MASTER 1000dpi web

These two symbol/graphics were created for the ace Guitarist ROBIN GEORGE a couple of years ago.
Check out … http://www.robingeorge.co.uk/


to see them all. Remember …

Yes – they’re all signed
and numbered
and printed on the highest quality grade art paper

So what are you waiting for …
Here’s the AC/DC again and the two METALLICA editions Lars Ulrich – Metallica’s drummer called ‘AWESOME!

Editions Web 1 1000px

THE BEATLES, BOWIE of course (see MADONNA below) and two DEF LEPPARD editions. The first is taken from my original pencil sketch for ‘Hysteria‘, the second shows how I designed the 12″ singles from ‘Hysteria‘ to complete a giant (3′ x 3’) version of the album sleeve if you bought them all (the final single packaging contained the additional 3 needed to complete it.)

Editions Web 2 1000px

HENDRIX editions. The first one I created as a painting for THE HENDRIX SUITE at the Cumberland Hotel (Jimi’s official residence in the UK) when I was asked to design images in the newly-created suite celebrating 40 years since the guitarist died. The second image is taken from a collage of printed Japanese papers embellished with stitching and gold leaf.

Editions Web 4 1000px Hendrix

The last Hendrix edition is of the mural I created for the suite … here’s how it looked

hendrix mural ace crop

There are ZEPPELIN editions naturally. The first created from preparatory sketches I did for the LED ZEPPELINBBC Sessions‘ LP/MC/CD. The original of the second edition is a solvent transfer – a technique I love – created, well – purely because I love Jimmy Page. The bottom is one of the preparatory designs from which the wraparound cover of the fabulous LED ZEPPELINDVD‘ was finalised. ‘DVD’ was the first release of live footage of several complete concerts by the band. Watching it – it’s obvious to see why they were such a massive and innovative phenomena.

Editions Web 3 1000px Zeppelin

Finally, a mix of LITTLE RICHARD, MADONNA and THE STONES –Little Richard because I love him, the Madonna was created as a polaroid transfer for a major art piecee for a highly-acclaimed exhibition – ‘ICON‘ which I did with a friend and collaborator Sean Johnson-Kuczinski – as was the Bowie polaroid transfer above. ‘Skippy’ the rabid dog, a disturbing mascot for the ‘URBAN JUNGLE‘ tour in 1990, was recreated from a photocopy sketch

Editions Web 5 1000px

So there you go.
I hope you like them. You know where we are …




AC/DC Logo Explodes

November 15, 2013 by

It’s that time of year again …
(sssshhhh) – 


and so, naturally, you’re out there looking for ideal gifts to shower on your loved ones to celebrate the occasion. And can you find anything that’s cool enough. Of course you can’t – it’s all predictably dull and boring for us music fans.

Well – look no further – problem solved …

Sticking very firmly to the belief of creating …
art that DOES NOT match the sofa …
Here’s a solution for all you Rock’n’Rollers.

Click HERE to see Limited Editions

Andie Airfix Limited Editions bring something unique to Christmas. They’re cool, very affordable and ideal for music fans. Here’s a brand NEW edition.
available from November 18th 2013 …

Editions Web 1a 1000px AC-DC

Created from original pen and ink/pencil drawing of the logo for the Ballbreaker World Tour in 1995. This is pre-computer and was completely hand-drawn (very tricky to do!)

Don’t forget the recently released  ‘Ninja Star 1′ & Ninja Star 2’:  2 METALLICA editions created for the AIRFIX LOUNGE last March, editions Lars Ulrich, METALLICA’s drummer described as ‘AWESOME!‘ …

Editions Web 1b 1000px MetallicaEditions also include:

CLICK HERE to see Limited Editions

Order NOW to guarantee Christmas delivery worldwide.

All Editions are printed on the highest grade, heavyweight art paper by the latest digital technology to ensure the richest colours and to maintain the finest of detail.

Problem is – and I feel obliged to inform you – that many who purchase Andie Airfix Limited Editions, somehow forget (?!) to send them on to the people they bought them for. Shocking behaviour. The solution is obvious of course – buy one for yourself too – and everyone will be happy.

More very soon …
As ever

50. LOU REED – ‘Life-Changer’ (1942-2013)

October 29, 2013 by

At the end of the night, he (Lou) told us we’d been such a crummy audience we didn’t deserve an encore. and he didn’t do one. That I decided was a true rock’n’roll star.”
– Neil Gamen in The Guardian.

There is nothing to say and everything you want to about Lou Reed.
This album sleeve sums it all up for me …

lou reed

I never met Lou Reed (though loved his music and attitude) but I did meet Holly Woodlawn, the ‘he was a she’ in Lou’s ‘Walk On The Wild Side’ …

… “Holly came from Miami, F.L.A.
Hitch-hiked her way across the U.S.A.
Plucked her eyebrows on the way
Shaved her legs and then he was a she
She says, “Hey babe, take a walk on the wild side”
He said, “Hey honey, take a walk on the wild side

Holly Woodlawn

When I say I ‘met’ Holly Woodlawn – it was rather more than that.

Holly was one of the stars in the Warhol Factory in New York. If Lou Reed hadn’t brought her additional fame by including her in his song, then Holly probably wouldn’t have developed the extraordinary cabaret act she brought to London in the late 70’s. If she hadn’t come to London I wouldn’t have met her – I happened to be working in the place where she would be performing – the innovative ‘supper-club’ Country Cousin on the Kings Road.

I noticed she had her eyes on me during day-time rehearsals for the opening night but didn’t think much about it. After her late-night performance that night though – I was ‘summoned’ to her dressing room. She curled her finger and I was, quite literally, ‘hooked’. She insisted I become her escort for her two-week stay in London. There really was no choice – she was extremely persuasive. I thought it could be fun.

It was more than fun. There followed two weeks of hilarity and wonderful times. I met her manager and entourage, had dinner with her friends, hit the newly-emerging night-club ‘scene’ springing up all over London, danced the night away as she continually shocked, enlivened and challenged those whose lives we unsuspectingly swept into. I cruised around town getting into serious mischief with the explosive diva that was Holly Woodlawn and it was one of the most precious, entertaining and exhilerating experiences of my life.

essential Lou Reed

If it wasn’t for Lou Reed  – those extraordinary two weeks would never have happened. Lou Reed changed my life. I’m convinced there are many, many others who would say the same thing. He not only changed lives directly but indirectly too – through the diverse and left-field challenges he continuously presented to us in his music and in his own life.

Thank you Lou Reed. Thank you a million times over.


49. METALLICA Part Nine – ‘The Return’

September 9, 2013 by

It seems fitting, after SOOO long to return to METALLICA …

… as their new movie


… is soon to be premiered in the USA

… Watch Trailer 

You can rely on METALLICA to break the rules. Originality is guaranteed. A live concert movie it is … but … from what I’ve seen so far – it’s SO much more than live concert footage …

rider 2


Metallica TTN Hero

metallica stage statue

COMING SOON – more METALLICA stories in

50. METALLICA Part 10

M E A N W H I L E … B o o k  Y o u r  T i c k e t s  f o r   . . .

NEVER logo
As ever